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Vi, the Piltover Enforcer
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Name's Vi. Stands for vicious.

((RP blog for Vi, the Piltover Enforcer of League of Legends. Multi-ship. This account is not in any way affiliated with Riot Games, Inc. Also on Twitter. Will RP with just about anyone!

Icon from this picture by Riot Zeronis.))

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She is certain she has been seen. She doesn’t care. She just keeps moving, keeping to the roads and walking like a citizen who has every right to be going where they are going.

In the dim pre-dawn light, her silhouette and rifle are enough for people to assume it is the sheriff. No-one stops her, no-one crosses her path. 

There’s the city, all prim and clean. She feels a sneer tug at the corner of her lips as she surveys it. Piltover: the home of hypocrites. The sniper closes one eye, and bats a hand at the distant towers. As though she could crush them like a child crushes their toys.

But she opens both eyes, and the lights still glow, the towers still stand.

"Ублюдки, всех вас."

She keeps walking, following a path up to a hill. There’s a better view of the city from up here. She leans against the tree, arms folded, and quietly breathes. The hexlights of Piltover glisten like land-trapped stars. Ivory towers and bronze clockwork, and the moon shining over the bay.

With a huff, she readies a cigarette. The air is just too damn clean.

(( sheriff-caitlyn ))

Vi had returned empty-handed to Piltover after Free Week, save for the Pentakill album Caitlyn had bought the day she disappeared.  Sparky had found nothing when she pried it away from Jinx and sent it out.  She wondered as she was teleported back if there was anything to find.

As soon as she’d brought their belongings—what Caitlyn had left behind, and her own things—back to their home, and fed and watered Bob, she headed to the Commissary.  There, she immediately launched the search; the Fleetfooters Beryl had mobilized were sent out throughout Piltover, instructed to keep subtle watch.  She even deployed a few more rats… and two of those made it across the Bay.

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//I absolutely love enforcedviolence's headcanon of Piltover. It's amazing to see how different people come up with different interpretations of the same thing. Worldbuilding is one of the best things we can do in this community. 

//Here, as promised, is the rough outline of my own personal headcanons for geography and architecture. These are all pretty much still in the WIP stage, but I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring anyway.

//I would have liked to throw more detail in, but my time left on tumblr is very limited. When I come back from vacation, I’m going to label every single building in the Piltover City diagram. It’s been a lot of work, but this is the city we love, so… why the hell not? A few technical explanations under the cut.

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oh geez. i hope things pick up for you sooner than later! ;^; Do you have buddies you can carpool with in the meantime?

((Not that I’m aware of.  I’m okay for gas, but it’s the food I’m mostly worried about.))

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Suit up~

"You know you love it."


Suit up~

"You know you love it."

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((guess who has two thumbs and can’t afford food or gas or anything after rent and water bill :D))

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((So I just saw the rough draft lore changes on the PBE.


I’m done.

Goodbye, League.))

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((Ended up buying Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Actually not that bad.  Haven’t had Foxy come all the way out of Pirate’s Cove, though.  Nor has Chica come to say hi.  I just got onto the 3rd night, though, so they will eventually. XD

Edit: Passed the third night.  Foxy opened the curtains but never stepped out, and all three of the others were running around, but only Chica came to visit.  I ran out of power once, but my phone didn’t load fast enough or I managed to skip it all—either way, only a second or two of flashing eyes and teeth and the chimes and then I was back at the title screen.  No jump scare.))

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((Why the fuck did I go into the “fnaf” tag.


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Most of the day had been spent looking for Caitlyn around the Institute.  From the gardens, to the library, and to the training grounds, Vi could be seen asking after her partner.  It seemed to no avail; everyone she asked hadn’t seen her, though she was occasionally seen on the crystal screens—though Vi wasn’t sure if that was a clone or not.

She finally ducked back into Caitlyn’s suite and pulled out her hexphone.  The number she dialed wasn’t one she used too often—after all, when she needed to reach the Commissary, Caitlyn was usually there.  But it was one she knew, and she was glad she bothered to memorize it this time around.

"Piltover Commissary. How c’n I direct yer call?"

Vi smiled slightly at the sound of Beryl’s voice but it faded as quickly as it came. ”Beryl.  It’s Vi.  You heard from Cait?”

"No sir…" There was a small pause. "Not d’rectly, but there were a telegram sent through t’… she didn’t tell yeh?"

"No.  And she didn’t come back to the suite last night, either." Vi growled softly, and her fist tightened. "What’d the telegram say?"

"You want it word-fer-word, or the gen’ral gist, sir?"

"Word for word."

There was a pause as Beryl retrieved the paper from Vi’s inbox, but it was a brief one. ”Urgent development. Will not be returning for some time. Keep the gears turning. Sheriff Caitlyn.” As the secretary spoke, a faint bit of uncertainty crept into her voice.

Vi started to pace with her phone to her ear. “…’keep the gears turning.’  I don’t think Caitlyn sent it, but keep it for evidence.” She growled again. “You remember what happened last time Cupcake disappeared and didn’t show up for a while, don’t you?”

"Was this before or after she nearly got executed by th’ Noxians, sir?" There was a growl to Beryl’s voice that belied her flippancy. "I’ll start rallyin’ th’ Fleetfooters." Papers rustled. "… an’ see if I can’t get a hol’ of Davis…"

"Before, but thanks for that reminder, too." Vi was ready ready to punch something, and her gauntlets hissed with steam. "Keep it subtle.  I don’t want anyone on alert; let ‘em think we’re fooled.  I’m gonna come home with our stuff.  Have Davis come see me soon as I am."

"I’ll put ‘em under your orders. Four, maybe five. Unless you wanna make a bigger splash."

"Four’s fine.  Five may be smarter, but the more ain’t merrier." Her fist flexed. "…I need to find out who’s behind this first.  Keep it from happening again." She was quiet for a moment, almost pensive as her eyes landed on their packed bags. "…I let Sparky have the night off.  Stupid fucking decision."

"Don’t go kickin’ yerself jus’ yet, sir. Not ‘til we know the skinny."

Vi grunted but then sighed, running a hand over her hair. “You’re right.  But I’d at least have a fucking /lead/.” She spat at the ground. “At any rate, I’ll be home later this evening.  Gonna do some more lookin around in the meantime.  You hear anything more, you let me know.”

"Ear to the wind, sir. Piltover proud."

"Piltover proud, Beryl.  Thanks." With that, Vi hung up, just barely restraining herself from flinging the device away or crushing it in her gauntlet.

"Keep the gears turning."  Don’t bother with her, don’t look behind the curtain. Vi’s eyes narrowed. She don’t sign with “Sheriff Caitlyn” either.  They’re tryin to cover their tracks…

…but they ain’t accountin for me.

She had a few hours yet.  She had already pried Sparky away from its Friend and returned it to the hidden spaces between the walls; it was now searching every room it could reach and see into.  Vi, however, had some more investigating of her own to do… and she would do it her way.

When I catch those fucks, they’re gonna wish they’d never messed with my partner. She paused in her pacing and swallowed back tears. And Caitlyn… please, please be all right.  I’m comin, partner… just hold on…

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(((IM SO SORRY BUT I NEEEEEEED TO HEAR THE NEXT PART OF THE WHOLE CAITLYN VI STORY THING. ITS KILLING ME. by the way youre one of my favourite blogs and youre a super great writter and wow i love your writing)))

((If you’re wanting to see the whole story, go follow sheriff-caitlyn!

This happened before, back in June of 2013.  This time, though, we’re going to solve the mystery behind it!))

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