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Vi, the Piltover Enforcer
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Name's Vi. Stands for vicious.

((RP blog for Vi, the Piltover Enforcer of League of Legends. Multi-ship. This account is not in any way affiliated with Riot Games, Inc. Also on Twitter. Will RP with just about anyone!

Icon from this picture by Riot Zeronis.))

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Hi guys. Vi-mun here.

As you’ve probably noticed, these days I haven’t been doing a whole lot of roleplaying, just a lot of Vi- and League-related reblogging, OOC prompts and general unhappy bitching. I lost my muse some time ago, and I’m having a lot of trouble getting her back. Hell, I’m having a lot of trouble writing at all; it’s taken me two days even to get two paragraphs on my dragon’s intro post.

I’ve been thinking about it long and hard, but I think I need to retire. RP, especially these days, has brought me little joy and a whole lot of heartache and unhealthy obsession over someone to the point of hurting them emotionally. And besides which, I don’t feel like I’m doing Vi justice anymore; I’ve lost sight of her somewhere down the line, and I suspect I know exactly where. I’ve said before that sometimes I feel like I should step down and let other Vi’s have the spotlight again… well, now I am.

I know, I know, I’ve done this before. And who knows, maybe I’ll be convinced to come back again. But for the time being, I think this is the healthiest decision I could make for myself, especially with everything else happening in my life right now.

So, for now, at least, I’m gone. If you want to contact me outside of Tumblr, my Skype is zhanael1—but tell me who you are if you add me. Thanks.

7 hours ago

✖✖✖✖✖✖ !

((ahjdlkafa THANK YOU <333 ))

13 hours ago


"It’s funny. There was a time I could never picture Vi in a suit… but she cleans up rather nicely."

((Got the perfect music right here.))

"Takes a real special time to get me into somethin like that.  ’Course… heh.  I’d count that as every time with Cait, so."

14 hours ago

# asksheriffcaitlyn# ask-sheriff-caitlyn# art# vi# caitlyn# YES THAT IS THE SPARKLY FLOWER MUSIC FOR HARUKA# THAT PLAYS EVERY TIME# YOU CAN'T TELL ME IT AIN'T PERFECT

((Feeling more and more ornery tonight as time goes on.  seeming like I’m feeling like this a lot lately.

mmph.  Disappearing to keep procrastinatingworking on my dragon’s intro story.))

15 hours ago

✖ But of course.

((eeeeeeeeeeee thank you salem-mun <333333))

15 hours ago

((fdhajkflsda yeeeeeeee thank you &lt;33333  back at you~))

((fdhajkflsda yeeeeeeee thank you <33333  back at you~))

15 hours ago

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15 hours ago

Our Next Grand Work


In this world saturated by broadcast media, I find it necessary to keep people informed myself. While I do not doubt the media’s ability to inform vast swathes of people, the succinctness of such broadcasts has the inevitably unfortunate consequence of omitting certain crucial pieces of information.

To clarify, I am referring to the recent discovery of a geological hotspot beneath Lower Piltover.

In the aftermath of both Jinx’s campaign of wanton destruction and the recent tsunami, we have been dutifully rebuilding our fair city. Any recent visitor to Piltover has seen that this is a citywide endeavor. For many, seeing the city burn was a call to action, a spark that ignited the flames of passion that lay dormant in every sentient being. Hundreds of thousands continue to toil, tirelessly restoring the City of Progress to its former glory.

But even now, it is an uphill struggle. Both Jinx’s raids and the tsunami have destroyed critical, precious infrastructure. Roads, power transmission lines, telecommunications towers, and so on. Rationing is still in effect, in a desperate attempt to make the best use of our diminished food production. The city is a living, breathing thing, struggling to heal itself while being addled by starvation and hypovolemia. Rolling blackouts continue to make things difficult, as we work to make best use of our limited power generation resources. Until our solar concentrators and wind turbines are restored to working order, we are operating in diminished capacity.

That being said, any potential resource to add to our power generation infrastructure comes as a welcome blessing.

At this point, I will confirm the claims that the media are making. Last week, I appeared before Parliament to discuss safety concerns regarding the geological anomaly discovered beneath us. The Academy’s scientists have determined that the rock has settled into a stable structural configuration. The risk of further displacement is, at this point, minimal. The magma chamber itself is situated many kilometers beneath the surface, and so there is little danger that surface architecture would accidentally breach it.

However, the rock above the magma chamber has been shown to transfer large quantities of heat to cavities above. In various places this infringes upon local aquifers, causing the formation of vast quantities of steam. It is the belief of both myself and many others, both at the Academy and in Parliament, that this can be harnessed for our own benefit.

To my readers, I would like to introduce and briefly explain the core concepts of geothermal power generation. At its most basic level, many methods of power generation accomplish the same task in the end — the production of rotational motion that is used to turn electrical generators. Most often, this rotational motion is produced by the flow of gas or liquid across the blades of turbines, connected to these generators by means of shafts. Our wind power generation is one of the more direct examples of this design. Large blades are turned by the wind, akin to a more traditional windmill. Though, instead of operating a grindstone, an electrical generator is installed in a large housing atop the pylons you see out in the bay. From here, electrical power is transmitted through cables that run down the pylon’s length, and into the city’s powergrid by means of conduits buried beneath the seabed. Coal or gas-fired generation uses the heat released from such combustion to vaporize water into steam, which is in turn used to rotate turbines.

In geothermal power generation, the source of heat comes from molten rock deep beneath the surface. A simplified explanation follows: First comes the boring of two holes deep into the cavities receiving the magma chamber’s heat. Water is channeled down one duct, heated into steam, and then, by means of a difference in pressure between the underground chamber and the surface, made to flow up. Along the way, it passes by the blades of turbines, providing the necessary work to turn electrical generators. The steam is then condensed into liquid water by exposure to to chilled ductwork, and made to repeat the cycle.

The benefits of geothermal power generation are twofold: the fading of heat sources occurs over the course of geological timespans — millions of years. Assuming the facilities and equipment are properly maintained, power generation would be steady and uninterrupted for decades. Secondly, because no combustion is being used to heat the working fluid, there is no release of pollutants into the atmosphere.

Clean, renewable energy. Every scientist’s dream. Now, we can make it a reality.

Parliament has approved us to move on to the next steps. Surveying the land above the anomaly. Engineering the ductwork that will carry the steam. Designing the turbines that will generate the electricity. All of this represents a monumental commitment by many individuals, and many more are joining the cause every day. We are creating jobs. We are giving people purpose. We are creating something that will hasten our city’s recovery. We are encountering engineering obstacles, and devising ways to defeat them. Both in boardrooms and in the field, we are establishing the sheer scope of what it is we are doing. This will be our next grand work, and its legacy will be felt for many decades to come. We will make Piltover great again.

They say necessity is the mother of invention. To truly achieve something, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time.

17 hours ago

# piltover proud# tangentcain# the robot speaks!# btw go follow this guy# he's an amazing OC# yiss# much luff for tangey
Speaking of Vi not showing up in their cinematics! You might like to know a person worked on a 3d model in zbrush of Vi and animated her too (walking but she has some idle gauntlet animation too), for fun, since I can't post links here simply search on Youtube "Vi - lol 3D Character" and it should be by Gilberto Magno :D

((I’ve seen it (and I think I reblogged it a while back but I’m too lazy to look XD)!  It’s absolutely gorgeous, and very characteristic of Vi.  I’m quite impressed by it, too!  It obviously is doable, but I still wonder if it’s viable to put her in a cinematic.

Only Riot can tell, though, so here’s hoping <3))

1 day ago

The Dawn Has Arrived

((Morning! Your muse was featured in a new cinematic!))

1 day ago