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Vi, the Piltover Enforcer
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Name's Vi. Stands for vicious.

Worldbuilding/Storytelling Multiverse RP blog for Vi, the Piltover Enforcer, from League of Legends.

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Game at the Harrowing Faire: Blind Taste

How much do you trust your senses? What about the people around you? You’ll be blindfolded and presented with something to taste-test. Thing is - we don’t know what it is, either! We’ll be relying on you to guess what it is … that is, if you’re brave enough to do so. We can’t guarantee they’ll taste better than they look. But don’t worry… everything’s edible. One way or another.

So… who’s up first?

Vi sits herself down and grins as she’s blindfolded. Secretly, she hoped she wouldn’t be too grossed out this time…

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Game at the Harrowing Fair: Lucky Ducks

A massive pond, its water set to gently swirl by a couple of electric pumps, is filled with a flock of plastic ducks. There has to be hundreds of them.

As far as games of chance go, it seems very straight-forward. Catch a duck with a hooked pole. On the underside of the duck is a number, and that number correspond to one of the many prizes on the back wall.

The showman waves you over. “What are you waiting for? Pluck a duck!”

(((OOC: Comment or reblog to play. Keep your ask and submission boxes open for the results. Feeling lucky, ducky?))

((Almost missed this.))

Vi snagged a pole and paused, watching the ducks as they floated past. Finally, her eyes landed on a likely one, and she reached with the pole to fish it out. It wasn’t much of a struggle, and within moments, she had the toy in hand. With a triumphant grin, she turned the duck over.

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With the 94 prize tickets she won from the Strength Test, Vi bought herself two more black tokens and a gear keyring, which she hung from her waist-belt.  All three of her tokens went into a special pouch she’d brought along for the occasion.

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gaining new followers


gaining new followers

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askthecrystalgempearl replied to your post:.

if only pearl could join in on the harrowing fun… then again i could hop on vayne for a bit

((why not both? :3))

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"Ah, miss Vi!" The old man says with a chuckle and lifts his hat as a greeting. "Happy Harrowing, and a pleasure to meet you."

Vi eyed the judge as he greeted her, smirking. “Yo.  What’s up old man?  Gonna try to keep up with us youngins?  Careful you don’t break your hip!” She laughed, resting a hand at her hip. “I’m kiddin.  Happy Harrowing to you, too.”

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Vi might have suggested going the next day. But for some reason, she found herself anxious to investigate. Her instinct was screaming at her, yelling that this was important. She didn’t want to wait. And besides, night had its advantages; she ought to know best.  Seven years off the streets didn’t dull her experience.

It was more than half an hour before Vi re-emerged, edging out sideways to be able to fit herself and her gauntlets through the narrow doorway.  She flexed the massive mechanical fists for the umpteenth time, and scowled. “Had a look at most of the parts on my babies when I put ‘em back together.  Same inscription on a lot of it, most of ‘em tiny enough for me to miss if I ain’t lookin for it.  How the fuck could I have missed it?”

Caitlyn has been allowed to rise, it seems, because she’s in the kitchen putting things away in their rightful place in the cupboards, while Bob enthusiastically chows down on the kibble in his food dish.

"So, you stopped paying attention to the forest, and started to see the trees? A shift in perception isn’t all that unusual. Sometimes such a point of view can be triggered without warning." She dusts her hands, arms folding almost defensively over her chest before she makes a conscious decision to drop them to her sides. "The mind is altogether unexplored territory. Even to those familiar with it. The reason will be clear in time, Vi."

She clears her throat, as though unfamiliar with speaking. “… lead on, partner.”

Vi grabbed the supper she’d been hoping for while putting her weapons back together, watching her partner as she ate quickly. “You can switch almost instantly, though,” she said after a few moments. “And that’s what makes you so fucking amazing… when you’re not gettin in your own way.” She looked unhappy at that, but when she finished, she set the plate in the sink, and looked her partner over. “…I’m willin to bet you didn’t eat, did you?” Glancing around, she spotted no extra food… but more than likely, Caitlyn only made enough for her Enforcer.  The way she was feeling these days, Vi had to practically force her to eat.

And she hated that.  But she was swallowing her anger, and trying to her damnest to be patient with and comforting to her partner, and hoping that one day, she would have her Caitlyn back, and not this broken husk of a shadow of her Sheriff.

"We ain’t goin anywhere ‘til you eat," she said, decisively. "And ‘sides, you know where the warehouse is.  I’ll drive, I guess, if you want me to, but you gotta be the one directin me.  You don’t get to passively sit around in this, Cupcake.  Not this time."

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<Heads up! Here’s what will be coming up in the next few days! Hoo hoo!>

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Game at the Harrowing Fair: Strength Test

Decorated with garishly-painted figures of Harrowing stereotypes, a tall board covered in electric lights stands like a pillar between the rides and the stalls of hot fair food. At the base of the castle is a square platform, with a target painted on it in white. A showman calls for individuals of peak physical condition to take up the hammer and see if pride can be proven.

The hammer is a simple wooden thing, and slightly cushioned by a covering of leather. The target that the hammer-wielder is to hit is likewise padded. Whether or not it is sheer strength that will allow a strike to register remains to be seen.

Seems simple enough: take the hammer, bring it down as hard as you can, and as the metal weight slides up the castle the lights will blink on to show you just how hard you were able to hit. There are prizes for participation (so, not doing well at all), and tokens of various colours depending on how many lights you are able to bring up.

((OOC: Comment or reblog to play. Keep your ask and submission boxes open for the results. Who’s up first?))

Vi smirks and grabs the mallet.  She doesn’t have her gauntlets—that’d be cheating!—but she doesn’t need them.  Her strength alone is all she needs.  She grips the shaft in both hands, testing its weight.  Then, at last, she lifts it above her head, and with all her strength, brings it down onto the padded target.

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